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This test covers: speed typing test, correspondence, reading comprehension, outlining, accounting and other related skills required for an administrative / accounts support employee.
This is accomplished by the client on the third degree of interview.
The job candidate undertakes test and the HR Consultant write an analysis. The candidate is asked to come for the 2nd time and is informed about the results. If the candidate suits the requirements of the Client the CV and test results are submitted.
Basic questions are inquired by the HR Consultant to gain an overview about the job candidate who is short listed. If the candidate suits to the requirements then he or she is asked to come for the first level interview.
Based from the well-written CV and the assessment results the Client shortlists the candidate and call the candidate for the 3rd time with the assistance of the HR Consultant.
Presentation of the job offer with the letter of employment to confirm agreement between the employee and the employer.
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